These Long Dogs Days of Summer

I finally figured out what the saying “dogs days of summer” means.

It means the dogs are living like royalty! They have a 24/7 fresh water baby pool, nice mowed lawn to lay on, a splash pad on demand, shade from the trees to keep them cool, butterflies and grasshoppers to chase, an air conditioned house for tv time, and extra food at dinner because of all the activity. So really August is all about the dog!

Starting In August I spend many mornings going out to the garden right before sunrise to hunt the large  bumble bees, you know those large bumblers that are yellow and black, and super cute. I usually will find them sleeping either on the sunflower heads, or on the leaves of the sunflowers.

This year I have only seen Bob and Brenda the bumblers a few times, they appeared in early spring, staying thru May and early June, then off they went.  I’m thinking they may have gone on a bumbler vacation as they did not return again.

I am looking for them, so I can take their annual portrait, I am a collector of sunflower photos, and want to include Bob and Brenda in as many photos as I can get of the two of them enjoying just being a bee!

Today I found many pollinators, and a few bees, however Bob and Brenda must be in another flower patch in the area.

However I did find a few nice sunflowers for my virtual collection, as they don’t require any water, and I can enjoy them all year.

I will keep everyone updated as the summer lingers on, if Bob and Brenda every circle back and get their 2022 portrait taken!

The big news is this weekend I am getting ready to start canning a few things.

Because the Palisade Peaches and green chilis that are now ready in my area, I am going to put up 12 jars of Peach salsa.

Perfect Peach Salsa

While the salsa jars are boiling, I am going to seal-a meal my whole Olathe Sweet Corn.   I was fortunate enough this weekend to attend the Olathe Sweet Corn festival, and I got my hands on about 2 dozen ears of fresh picked corn.

Freezing corn on the cob

Somewhere during all this kitchen canning and freezing I need to find time to mow the lawn, so the dogs can enjoy the fresh cut grass, and I also need to clean the baby pool, so their water is kept crystal clear !

Enjoy these dogs days, as we all know it doesn’t last forever, only in our hearts.

AboutLong Ears Farm

My passion for life is baking and creating in the kitchen.
From canning fresh produce and fruit each summer and fall with my grown children to
Flipping thru magazines and trying those impossible dishes.
However I always know that I can rely on the old family tried and true recipes.

I have written many cookbooks over the years, you can order them directly at, The cookbooks have reminded me that I always go back to finding my true self in the kitchen, when I am covered in flour, lost in baking or making the biggest mess ever in the kitchen.
Sometimes my kitchen looks like a tornado hit it! And I have a really small space lol.

Now that the kitchen and i have finally found our groove we are able to further the journey with sharing my recipes, thoughts, and kitchen wisdom with the world!
Gone are the days of rushing into the house after a long day at work, and trying to beat Betty Crocker at her own game , tirelessly trying to whip up a nutritious and delicious meal for the family, making it look effortless and taste good too!
Many a night was spent in my work coat cooking dinner, as I had not taken the time to take it off.
Straight to the kitchen , a glass of wine and my favorite casserole dish I went.
This is partly the product of being brought up on a salad, main entrée, with a ton of side dishes, and of course a home baked dessert!

However it was survival of the fittest for my kids as they grew up.
You had one chance to eat dinner, and if you chose to sit there and pout over the broccoli on your plate, many nights when dinner was over, you went hungry.
Ahhh those were the days, the days when parenting was free spirited and fun!

I hope you enjoy what I share with you, and if you ever find yourself looking for a little bit of those tried and true recipes feel free to check out my cookbook, there's something in them for everyone!

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