There once were two dogs named Maggie and  Dakota, they came to me one dark snowy night in October many moons ago.

Here is their story.

I was sitting on the couch watching Greys Anatomy, I had just gotten the kids to bed, so I was ready to have a few beers and relax after a long day at work.

Sitting on the couch I am really getting into the show, when there is a knock on the front door.

Reluctantly I get out of the comfy couch and go see who it could be, considering it was 8 o’clock on a Thursday night.

I open the door to find a woman standing there holding two of the most adorable puppy dogs, I had ever seen.


The woman asks me if I could take these dogs, as they were found on the road and have nowhere to go and she cannot take them to her house, because she has dogs of her own.

Of course I will take them, I tell her!  It is my nature to take in strays and the super cute and fluffy.

The puppies were around 4 months old, full sisters, one was white with black spots, and the other a super cute fluffy brown and black.



Needless to say no one got much sleep that night; my girls were very excited to have puppies in the house.

The next day I contacted animal control to make sure these were really two puppies suddenly found on the road, if you know what I mean.

According to animal control the house the puppies came from, was in a little bit of legal trouble, and animal control had seized the puppies’ mom earlier in the week.

During that event, the puppies were put into hiding, the woman who brought them to me was actually the owner, and she didn’t want animal control to have them.

Why the woman chose my house of all houses in that rural area, I will never know.  Maybe she saw the dog pen I had for my other dogs, or maybe she was a secret spy and decided I was the best option for these two puppies.

It was all very missions impossible and quite exciting to think I was part of an undercover operation in my quaint rural area.


I was allowed to keep the puppies by animal control, the white one is Maggie and the super cute fluffy brown Is Dakota.

These two lived out their lives with me, so many adventures they got themselves into.

Maggie had a bad habit of taking very long walks with her two sisters in the woods, and only coming back home when they were ready.

I used to rush home after work and before I got out my work clothes, I would grab Maggie and Dakota and go for a walk down our dirt road, this was a great way let fo of the stresses of the day, and spend time with my two favorite soul sisters.

Dakota had the happiest spirit, she was always so happy and nothing bothered her, she took live one step at a time and enjoyed every moment.

There was so much for Dakota to do each day; she went around wagging her tail on her daily rounds, in fact she walked thru live wagging her tail.

Maggie, sweet Maggie loved to sit at the top of the hill and watch was going on down at the barn, it was her routine to keep an eye on things.


Hail Dakota!


Hail Maggie!


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