I have to admit that I am excited to see the temperatures drop, and the snow start to fall outside.

This means the holiday baking days are upon us all, its time to stock the pantry full of flour, sugar, nuts, chocolate chips, and all the good things needed to create those holiday goodies.  Its time to roll up the sleeves, clean off the rolling pin, find all the hidden cookie sheets and uncover the mixer for the days ahead that will be full of baking.

I mean who complains this time of year, when your house has the aroma of fresh baked goodies, and your fully satisfied your sweet tooth with all these decadent sweets and treats.

Once a year I always allow myself to enjoy eating cookies, fudge, Chex mix and those wonderful boxes of chocolates where you can chose a chocolate a day, I call it quality assurance, I do my part to make sure all the chocolate is good to eat!

When I pack the cookie gift boxes for my family and friends, they always include all my favorite recipes such as:

Russian Tea Cakes

The Very Best Russian Tea Cakes

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

Lemon Bars

Grandma Myrtle Lemon Bars

Chex Mix

Family Favorite Chex Mix

Almond Bark

Chocolate Almond Bark

Classic Spritz Cookies

Classic Spritz Cookies

I am always on the look out for what others use as their go to family recipes, please send me yours for your unique Holiday Baking guide!

I hope you enjoy the Holiday Baking Guide as much as I do.

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