Many many moons ago the sounds of his hooves hitting the ground were only akin to that of rolling thunder across the Colorado plains. Long ago his mane flowed through the mountain breeze like magic and he was mighty, his name was Apache Prince but I called him Shadow.

Shadow was strong and patient with a young girl who dreamed of adventure riding along on his sturdy back, he carried that young girl faithfully through the trees and on countless adventures.  Before he found his girl Shadow had lived a full life because of his girls generosity he was able to continue his journey spending many more years teaching people his kindness and patience. 

Once we brought him home it was like a fire was lit in the soul of the little girl he would call a friend. Every little girl dreams of having their very own horse, but not many get the chance to make that dream come true. Shadow made so many dreams come true for that little girl. 

He was bold and powerful, brave and kind. Everything any girl dreams of in a steady companion. They went galloping through the trees, bounding over logs and practically flying, or so it would seem. 

The years went by and time moved forward, Shadow could not fight the ways of the world. As he aged his body slowed, though his mind never wavered. Even to his last breath as his girl held his head in her arms he fought the worldly pains.

In his passing, he left a lesson of luv and kindness to always travel, and go in grace.

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