Warm and Delicious Bean and Pasta soup

Why is it when the weather turns colder, my taste buds go right into craving nice hearty meals, the soup recipes come out, like a flood gate just opened.

During the summer I can eat like a rabbit and live off of salads, vegetables, and greens from the garden, I mean really I could sit out in the garden with a knife and fork and be very content.

Now that the garden is shut down, and we are all migrating inside, including the winter march of the spiders! I find myself not only hunting down the little pests , and carefully taking them back outside, so they can freeze to death, I am also bringing out the crock pot, cleaning it up and getting it ready for soup bonanza.

When you hear that a soup is rich in flavor, I’m sure you don’t think about a bean, veggies and tomato soup.https://longearsfarm.org/recipe/bean-and-pasta-soup/

However this soup is rich, rich, rich, has a bit of spice and is so fulfilling!

After making this recipe the other day I gave myself a thumbs up for this fabulous recipe as the weather turned a bit colder and the chill in the air forced all the windows closed, and the furnace turned on a bit higher than usual.

One of my soup secrets, is butter, yup you heard it a good dab of butter ( not margarine) add it in with the chopped celery, carrots, garlic and onion just as they start to soften cook, butter gives a nice richness to the soup.

As soon as the butter has softened down a bit, you want to add the can of rotel.


Stir everything together and add in the vegetable stock , green chilis, tomato sauce ,canned tomatoes, and water.

Add in the cumin, bay leaf, chili powder and garlic powder.


Cover and let this cook on low in the crock pot overnight.

In the morning, you better stand back when you take lid off, the aroma that will fill the kitchen will make you run for a snack!  Its such a wonderful smell, that you can hardly wait for dinner to eat this soup!

Now its time to add in the cans of beans, and tomato paste.

Cover and put on low for at least another hour.

10-15 mins prior to eating, add the orzo pasta to the soup.

Once the pasta is soft  and tender, you are ready to dig in.

Get a bowl, I like to eat soup out of big bowls, that way I don’t have to get up and get seconds,


I can slowly eat the soup and savor every bite! https://longearsfarm.org/recipe/bean-and-pasta-soup/


AboutLong Ears Farm

My passion for life is baking and creating in the kitchen.
From canning fresh produce and fruit each summer and fall with my grown children to
Flipping thru magazines and trying those impossible dishes.
However I always know that I can rely on the old family tried and true recipes.

I have written many cookbooks over the years, you can order them directly at https://wordpress.com/view/longearsfarm.org, The cookbooks have reminded me that I always go back to finding my true self in the kitchen, when I am covered in flour, lost in baking or making the biggest mess ever in the kitchen.
Sometimes my kitchen looks like a tornado hit it! And I have a really small space lol.

Now that the kitchen and i have finally found our groove we are able to further the journey with sharing my recipes, thoughts, and kitchen wisdom with the world!
Gone are the days of rushing into the house after a long day at work, and trying to beat Betty Crocker at her own game , tirelessly trying to whip up a nutritious and delicious meal for the family, making it look effortless and taste good too!
Many a night was spent in my work coat cooking dinner, as I had not taken the time to take it off.
Straight to the kitchen , a glass of wine and my favorite casserole dish I went.
This is partly the product of being brought up on a salad, main entrée, with a ton of side dishes, and of course a home baked dessert!

However it was survival of the fittest for my kids as they grew up.
You had one chance to eat dinner, and if you chose to sit there and pout over the broccoli on your plate, many nights when dinner was over, you went hungry.
Ahhh those were the days, the days when parenting was free spirited and fun!

I hope you enjoy what I share with you, and if you ever find yourself looking for a little bit of those tried and true recipes feel free to check out my cookbook, there's something in them for everyone!

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