Spinach Dip Phyllo cups

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Yields: 1 Serving Difficulty: Easy Prep Time: 20 Mins Cook Time: 5 Mins Total Time: 25 Mins

I must have eaten 8 of the spinach dip phyllo cups, slowly one at a time as I found myself on Christmas morning standing at the appetizer table just staring off into space,

The original plan was  to make Mushroom Wellington and not these wonderful Spinach Phyllo cups, the original plan called for sheets of phyllo dough for my creation.  You see I am a procrastinator, and I was out there on Christmas eve shopping for the phyllo dough for my appetizer dish I was to bring to the family get-together the next day.

As I pulled into the grocery store parking lot and confidently walked into the store, I headed straight for the frozen phyllo dough section, turning the corner I arrived at my destination, gasping out loud that the freezer section was empty.  Quickly I realized my fellow procrastinators out there had beat me at my own game and bought up all the phyllo dough.

Fortunately, I still had 2 grocery stores to go to, quickly jumping back into the car and speeding I arrived at my next store.  Confidently with an I can do anything attitude I walked into the grocery store and headed to the freezer section, only to find the reality was the section was sold out.

Feeling a bit of panic growing in the pit of my stomach I hopped back into the car and speeding towards my final grocery store option, I quickly walked into the store with a positive attitude as I arrived in the freezer section.

There sat all by themselves 4 boxed of frozen prebaked phyllo dough cups. I felt a big sense of relief putting them into my cart, however, the realization hit me that I now would need to come up with something to do with these.

Playing Guys Grocery games, I ran thru the store looking for something that would inspire my dish and was also in stock.  Because my original dish depended on frozen spinach, I was lucky to get 2 bags of frozen spinach, as the frozen vegetable aisle was turning into a barren wasteland.

The idea of filling the phyllo cups with hot spinach dip smothered in cheese struck me as I stood in the cheese aisle.  I grabbed cream cheese, sour cream, Romano, and mozzarella cheese.  The secret to this recipe is the Knorr Dry Vegetable Soup mix, I guess I should have checked for that first before I started my quest.  However, I went into the soup aisle feeling overconfident that this would work out, and yes to my surprise up on the top shelf lying flat in the almost empty box were two packages of the Knorr Dry vegetable soup mix.  Both of these packets landed in my cart and off I went to produce to see what I could get for the fruit tray I had promised to make.

Luck was on my side, I found blueberries, raspberries, and fresh pineapple. Grabbing a ½ gallon of orange juice I made my way to checkout.

Feeling like I had just won a shopping show, I was prepared to go home and make my Spinach Dip Phly Cup appetizers and fruit plate.


I felt triumphant with the family never knowing that I almost showed up empty-handed.


Yes, I will be out there again next Christmas Eve, once a procrastinator always a procrastinator.









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  • Thaw the bags of spinach either in the sink or the refrigerator overnight. Drain out any excess liquid by dumping the spinach into a colander.
  • Mix together the cream cheese, and sour cream, until creamy and soft. Add in the water chestnuts, mix wall Add in the dry soup mix, mixing well. If using artichoke hearts and green onions, fold these in. Fold in 1/2 C mozzarella cheese
  • Place each phyllo cup onto a cookie sheet. Fill the phyllo cops with the spinach mixture. Top each with remaining mozzarella cheese, and Romano cheese Prior to serving place in 350 oven for 5-8 minutes.


For additional flavors and textures you can add in 1 can artichoke hearts and 1/4 C diced green onions.

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