I knew when I woke up that this day would be different than most. I could smell a change in the winds as it engulfed me during my morning rounds.


The air smelled sweet, almost foreign but oh so familiar.

My best friend was still sleeping, she was tired from a long week at her job. I decided to go out into the yard and do my rounds early today.

The pup got my human up before the first light appeared over the hills. My human opened the door for us and returned to her sleeping area, I never did understand why they are set on sleeping so far from the ground. 

Once my rounds checking the fences were completed I returned inside. Still curious about the lingering change in the air. I ate the kibble my human set down for us and decided to catch a nap before the day begins.

I’ll know when it’s time to get up, that pup of ours is quite loud and obnoxious. She starts running and barking sounding the alarm that the human has risen from her slumber and it was time. 

My brothers, the little one and I proceed with the morning rituals. Slobbering on the face of our human, chasing off any predators and examining loudly to the neighborhood that our human is now awake.  

Once she has dressed in those odd human attire they are so adamant they wear. She starts her truck, boy do I love that truck. I’ve spent most of my life riding in that big grey speed box.

My human calls me to her and I obey, I always obey her. She helps my old fragile bones up into the cab and soon my siblings are loaded as well.  

We make haste and after a short while we arrive to Grandfur-mas house. 

This is the change the wind sent me this morning. A message from my dear friend Hoss, he must’ve known we were coming to visit today. This place is where my Grandfur-ma lives, she’s my humans mother.

I impatiently rush out of the box, I must do rounds here as well. I must confirm the scent message from this morning. This is one of my favorite places in the world to be after all, I might as well make sure we are safe. 

Pretty soon all of my family and friends arrive too. My human takes off with the giant hooved mountain dogs as I am too busy to stay with her.

I meet up with my friend Hoss and now I understand, he wanted to tell me spring has arrived, you can feel it in the air here. Spring is my favorite time of the year, Hoss knows this to be true as well. This is the change, this is what we’ve been waiting for.

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