When we make our annual Christmas cookies to send to friends and family, we always include Russian tea cakes.

The Very Best Russian Tea Cakes  are a family favorite, the sibling who makes the lightest airiest best tea cakes wins bragging rights for a whole year.

The Very Best Russian Tea Cakes

This years secret was all the help I had in the kitchen, as we attempted to mass produce enough cookies to fill 12 boxes that we were mailing out or delivering to our friends and family.

The cookie boxes were full of many different kinds of cookies and chocolate yummies that we could legally stuff into each box.

It goes like this, I was working on the lemon bars, one of my daughters was working on the chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, while my other daughters only job was to roll the Russian tea cake dough into perfectly formed mini balls of cookie heaven.

As my daughter continued to work on the Russian tea cakes, I would help her to prep the ingredients to keep the batches rolling along.

She had just gotten some butter out of the freezer to start the next batch, as you probably know working with frozen butter is impossible.

In my desire to keep the cookie production rolling along, I asked her from across the room to toss me a stick of butter so I could toss it in the microwave for a very brief moment to soften it up.

We had no time to wait for frozen butter to thaw!

Come to find out my daughter had absolutely no aim what so ever. She chucked the butter and in a flash all I saw was frozen butter coming straight for me, it hit a bullseye on my forehead.

I collapsed into my chair, as the daughter was rushing towards me, she soon learned I was laughing so hard, I was crying.

We all erupted in laughter, of course halting all cookie production. It took us awhile to get our senses back as we continued on giggling for the rest of the day.

I had a nice been red spot on my forehead, no worse for wear really, nothin but a funny memory of a good time making Christmas The Very Best Russian Tea Cakes for family and friends.