Hoofprints on our hearts is dedicated to those super special horses and donkeys, I have known in my life.

Some of these guys lived with me and the girls for many years, as they went from show horse to retired horse who lived the life of relaxation and peace and quiet out on the pasture.

Thru the years I was able to rescue dozens of horses, rehabilitate them, and find them their person and forever home, so many happy stories, so many great moments.  The girls and I would take care of each and every one of them, until they told us it was time to find a forever home.   Makes me happy to this day when I look back.

This is Dixie!  Her and her mom came to us just in the Knick of time, we were able to give them good health and hope.   Dixie found her person, in a young girl in Texas, who feel in love with Miss Dixie!

Dixies mom stayed for quite a while, until her person was found, he lived in Northern Colorado, and to this day he has “Mabel” who is thriving. The young girl and her mom made the trip North, where I met them and Dixie took another step on her journey.

I always want to be the voice for the horse, so I could speak up for them, and make sure they got the best care and life possible.


Finally there is Maverick, he was bought for my daughter as an good all around horse, who can do absolutely anything.

Maverick has been with my daughter now for 15 years, he has been with her thru her shy adolescence years, to now a confident woman.


I have often wondered if only Maverick could talk, the stories he could tell.   The many times he has moved, and the adventures he has gone on with her, to the horse friends he has known over the years.

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