Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies


I am going to give you the secret to this secret recipe right now, I hope you are ready!

You’ll want to make sure when you prep you ingredients and utensils, that you have at least 2 long handled large wooden spoons on hand.

The reason for this is because the only way to mix the eggs, shortening and sugar together is using a wooden spoon.


You will also need to mix all the ingredients at the end together with a wooden spoon, so its really all about the wooden spoon for this recipe.


I have tried to make the dough using a stand mixer, or my kitchen aide, or a metal spoon, yet it never tastes like when I use the wooden spoon.

Personally I am beginning to think, the wooden spoon was all my grandma had on hand when she first starting making these delicious chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.


When I would have the honor of baking with her, it was very important to do all the mixing with the wooden spoon.

I vividly remember her saying ” No No dear you must use the wooden spoon to mix your batch, now be a good girl and get to work!”


My family had some kind of weird inner cookie sensor when I started to make the dough, they would slowly start to filter into the kitchen, one by one.

No matter how many fancy moves I made while stirring the dough, a hand would sneak its way into the bowl and grab a nice good ball of fresh delicious cookie dough.

Many times I would hear the clatter of feet as they laughed themselves out of the kitchen.  It even got to the point that I was making a batch for the thieves to eat as dough and a batch for the actual baked cookies.  No one ever knew this though, that I was onto the thievery and well ahead of the game!

During the holiday baking season when I was needing to make cookies for family and friends I would try to be as quiet as possible in the kitchen so I at least got a tray in the oven before I was found out.  Many time this did not work, and the thieves got their delicious fresh cookie dough,packed with all that wonderful flour, shortening, eggs , oatmeal and chocolate chips!



So roll your sleeves up and get ready to have a workout at the same time your making cookies.


I always thought it was beneficial to mix and mix and really work those arm muscles, because at the end of the day I could allow myself to have extra cookies, you know because I really worked out , LOL.

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

Difficulty: Intermediate Prep Time 15 min Cook Time 20 min Rest Time 8 min Total Time 43 mins
Servings: 4


Not only awesome cookies, you also get delicious fresh cookie dough,packed with all that wonderful flour, shortening, eggs , oatmeal and chocolate chips!


Cream together

Sift Together

Fold in


Cream Together

  1. Cream together sugars, eggs, add shortening and vanilla.

Sift Together

  1. Sift together flour,salt add to cream mixture.

Fold In

  1. Fold in oatmeal and chocolate chips.


  1. Bake 10-12 mins at 350


You will want to hide in the closet when you are making this dough! They will find you and eat all the cookie dough if you don't.
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