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These Long Dogs Days of Summer

I finally figured out what the saying “dogs days of summer” means. It means the dogs are living like royalty! They have a 24/7 fresh water baby pool, nice mowed lawn to lay on, a splash pad on demand, shade from the trees to keep them cool, butterflies and grasshoppers to chase, an air conditioned house for tv time, and extra food at dinner because of all the activity. So …


Cowboy potatoes with Sausage and Eggs

  One of my favorite foodies sent me this quick, easy and delicious breakfast for dinner recipe. For this dish,  Cowboy potatoes with Sausage and Eggs, you will need southwest hash browns, yellow onion, polska kielbasa sausage, and Perfect Peach Salsa  or( any sweet salsa will do). This dish was named after a very hungry attitude one night after working a very long tiring day. Once the refrigerator door was …

Healthy, Hearty, ready set go Breakfast Burrito

As life would have it, there are many times I am extremely spontaneous. This live by the seat of my pants attitude comes with the need to give myself a hearty, healthy breakfast to literally run out the door with. I wanted to share with you my quick, and easy breakfast burrito recipe, so you too are prepared on your spontaneous adventures. Before I share this recipe, I wanted to …

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