A Real Plowsters Breakfast


For Leon,

Have I ever told you about the Plowster family?

Okay here goes, the Plowsters are a family only stories and legends are made of.

They live in a remote home in the mountains somewhere in the middle of somewhere.

Papa Plowster drives a plow truck around, and Mama Plowster cooks, I mean this woman can cook and cook and cook breakfast and only breakfast, from sunrise to sunset, every day of the week.  Mama P makes the biggest breakfasts you can image.

Mama P makes platters of ham, bacon, sausage, French toast, waffles, pancakes, muffins, southern potatoes, toast, hash browns, fried eggs, scrambled eggs, poached eggs, jam, jelly, and syrup.

Along with all this she always makes sure there are pitchers o milk, tomato juice and orange juice on the table.

So the story goes like this, one day after Mama P, Papa P, and all 13 of the young’uns, sat down at the large large breakfast table, and after they gobbled and consumed the delicious Plowster breakfast, Papa P announced he was going out plowing for the day, and needed some help.

As was always the case, all 10 children, beside the babies they did not go on these adventures, because who wants to watch a baby all day, piled into the back of the plow truck, you know to give it good traction on those back tires with the weight, or so they were told.

Papa P started up the big big hill, you see because their house was at the very bottom of the big big hill , this hill made the best sledding you could image, because where the Plowsters lived it was always winter and snowing.

As Papa P chugged the plow truck up the big big hill, as he barely made it to the top, giving that old Ford petal to the medal and he could muster, the plow blade hit upon something in the road.

Papa P and all the young’uns piled out of the truck to see what they could see, and low and behold they saw something!

Right there in the middle of the road was a large rock, a rock that had not been there the day before the day before the day.  Or had it?   Papa P scratched his head trying to recollect if this rock was really there today as it presented itself, and if it was even there before this day.

As the young’uns strained and scratched trying to get the rock to budge, and move so they could plow on thier merry way, Papa P had a better idea.  Papa P got back into the old Ford, yelled out the window “watch out young’uns!!Git on outta the  way now”.   Papa P put that plow blade up, put the pedal to the metal, floored the good old Ford and as he hit that rock head on he had a moment of wondering if this was such a good idea after all.

Well it worked the rock budged, I mean it moved a good foot outta the way, and as the old Ford came to a complete stop, there where the rock was, was a large hole.  Now you see this was not just a hole in the road, I mean this was a real deep hole,  The young’uns got on their hands and knees and all peered into the hole.

You want to know what they saw?

Well as they looked into the dark hole, a small glimmer of light started to appear, you know that yellow light that only the sun can give you, that was it, a small crack of yellow started to appear.

The young’uns decided to put the youngest young’un down into the hole head first by holding onto his legs and slowly lowering him into the hole head first.  As the youngest young’un was in the hole, you suddenly heard ” oh my gawsh, I see! I see!”.  Quickly he was raised up back to daylight, set upon the ground.  The young’uns gathered around him and said “well what, what did you see?”.   As the youngest young’un was in his fifth year of life, you can imagine his descriptive language skills were a bit lacking, however at this one moment, he said ” a gold chest, I see!”

Papa P and all the young’uns stood there scratching all the heads at once, digesting this information, and just at that moment, Mama P was heard ringing the breakfast for dinner bell!


To be continued……….