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Loaded Tomato soup with Meatballs

Because I just canned a large batch of my Italian soup base base from the bushels of tomatoes and onions I was blessed with this year out of the garden, I immediately start to crave Loaded Tomato soup with Meatballs Talk about hearty! this soup has it all. The Italian soup base  comes with all the ingredients you need to start this soup off on the right foot.  Which is …


Wild Rice Mushroom Soup from the North Country

Have you ever been to the Northern country?   I mean like Minnesota and Wisconsin! Once you arrive, immediately make your way to a roadside café, and order wild rice mushroom soup. this dish is truly life changing. You see I am originally from Minnesota, born and raised there until I was 5.  with dad growing up on a Wisconsin farm, and mom growing up in the city,  of course it …

Warm and Delicious Bean and Pasta soup

Why is it when the weather turns colder, my taste buds go right into craving nice hearty meals, the soup recipes come out, like a flood gate just opened. During the summer I can eat like a rabbit and live off of salads, vegetables, and greens from the garden, I mean really I could sit out in the garden with a knife and fork and be very content. Now that …

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