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How to be a successful Pickle Rancher

I am a Pickle Rancher!  Yup I wrangle these unruly pickles and corral them into jars. To be a successful pickle rancher, you must have ripe, fresh dill pickles that are fresh and crunchy, any brand will do! You can use Pickle spears, or chips or sandwich slices. First slowly open the jar, you don’t want the pickles to try to jump out and escape onto pasture. Slowly add the …


Doc and the Chicken Sandwich

Let me introduce myself my name is Doc, or Docdog as my humans call me when I am in trouble and not in trouble, kina confusing if you ask me. My owner says I have an “intense personality”, maybe its because I am sort of a border collie, perhaps, some sort of border collies I have met do seem to be pretty intense that’s for sure. I know I have …

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