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A Real Plowsters Breakfast

For Leon, Have I ever told you about the Plowster family? Okay here goes, the Plowsters are a family only stories and legends are made of. They live in a remote home in the mountains somewhere in the middle of somewhere. Papa Plowster drives a plow truck around, and Mama Plowster cooks, I mean this woman can cook and cook and cook breakfast and only breakfast, from sunrise to sunset, …


Cowboy potatoes with Sausage and Eggs

  One of my favorite foodies sent me this quick, easy and delicious breakfast for dinner recipe. For this dish,  Cowboy potatoes with Sausage and Eggs, you will need southwest hash browns, yellow onion, polska kielbasa sausage, and Perfect Peach Salsa  or( any sweet salsa will do). This dish was named after a very hungry attitude one night after working a very long tiring day. Once the refrigerator door was …

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