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Eggplant Wrap with Tahini

One of my favorite dishes is eggplant wrap with tahini with fresh vegetables and fruits. Eggplant Wrap with Tahini You will need a garden variety of fresh fruits and vegetables for this dish, starting with an eggplant, adding in grape tomatoes, cucumber, kiwi, garlic, red onions, sunflower seeds and tahini for the sauce. Because I am a vegetable snob and don’t like the skin that this lovely produce comes with, …


Garden Pickins

Every morning my ritual is to go directly to the garden, coffee cup in hand. When I got out there this morning my intention was to start picking as many peppers as I could find, and boy did I find alot! I was able to pick enough peppers, and green tomatoes and combine them with what I had from my earlier garden pick this week with the onions to make …

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