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The Absolute Very Best Dog Cookies

The Absolute Very Best Dog Cookies are made with all natural ingredients for even the pickiest dog. I started making the natural dog cookies, I soon realized that I was spending so much time and money on trying to make my dog “Hoss’ happy by endlessly shopping for the best cookie for him. You see Hoss, is really very picky because he was very sick once and I had to …


Change in the air by bear

I knew when I woke up that this day would be different than most. I could smell a change in the winds as it engulfed me during my morning rounds.   The air smelled sweet, almost foreign but oh so familiar. My best friend was still sleeping, she was tired from a long week at her job. I decided to go out into the yard and do my rounds early …

Doc and the Chicken Sandwich

Let me introduce myself my name is Doc, or Docdog as my humans call me when I am in trouble and not in trouble, kina confusing if you ask me. My owner says I have an “intense personality”, maybe its because I am sort of a border collie, perhaps, some sort of border collies I have met do seem to be pretty intense that’s for sure. I know I have …

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