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Days full of Sunshine and Good Food

The baking extravaganza all started with the announcement that my two daughters were coming over early Sunday morning! They had a to do list to do with the horses, it was going to be one of those wonderfully long days filled with outside chores , good food, laughter and complete exhaustion at the end of the day. Because I always have a to-do list that needs some TLC every now …


Award Winning Italian Cream Cheese Cake

I wanted to get my baking game on for the county fair this year, so I chose the Italian Cream Cheese cake for the challenge. The Italian Cream Cheese cake is a moist, sweet, flavorful and super delicious cake with layers of coconut, pecans and delicious cream cheese and butter frosting. My entry into the county fair was not originally the Italian Cream Cheese cake, it was a lemonade cake.  …

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