Pineapple Flatbread BBQ style


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This pineapple flatbread BBQ pizza is so versatile.

You can adds oodles of cheese and veggies to it, or even sneak in some chicken or pork.

Changing the flavor is super easy, you can add pineapple and fresh spinach instead of the poblano peppers.


The pineapple flatbread BBQ pizza has a ton of flavor from the brown onions, poblano pepper, tangy BBQ sauce and gooey cheeses.

I like to serve this with a nice Italian side salad, the meal goes great from snack, to lunch or dinner.

Also a nice meal on a hot summer night when you don’t want to spend to much time in the kitchen.



Chicken and Rice Bowl Chipolte style.


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Chicken and rice bowls chipotle style and full of lime zest and a ton of flavor.

The process to making the bowls, is super easy, and flows all together at the end for the best part of putting the rice, veggies, and chicken in the bowls.

Drizzling the bowls with the chipotle creama is my favorite part, mouth watering great!


This is a light refreshing dish, that will feed up to 4 people, using budget friendly ingredients.


You may add additional spice, or pickled jalapenos if your taste buds want more heat to the dish.

Zucchini and mushroom Bibimbap Bowl


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Say that three times fast, its a real tongue twister!

However the flavors in this bowl, will keep you coming back for more.

Fresh Zucchini, along with earthy mushroom, sweet sesame sauce rice and a fried egg really bring all the flavors together for a very enjoyable bowl of goodness.



Cinnamon Sugar Apples


My Apple Cinnamon cobbler is based on these canned apples

Cinnamon sugar apples or apple pie filling are a must have for your pantry.

The cinnamon sugar apples are so versatile for so many baking project, like apple crumble, apple crisp, apple cobbler, and a wholesome hot apple and cinnamon snack.



This recipe will make enough for about 6-8 large jars.

I store my jars in my canning room, and they last a nice long time, thru the canning season and winter months when the urge to make a pie hits you!

Steak and Fettucini Alfredo Supreme


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Steak and Fettuccini Alfredo Supreme, is truly that, a supreme meal!

The first step is to season your steak, tenderizing it, setting it aside to marinate and gather all the flavor inside the meat.

When your steak is marinated, you can start cooking the noodles, and getting the alfredo sauce ready to cook for the finale, of putting all this together into one amazing explosion of flavor.

Steak Fettuccini Alfredo is rich, creamy and has a deep delicious flavor.

Italian Meatball Soup


When you are in need of a good hearty budget friendly meal, you can always count on Hearty Italian Meatball Soup to hit the spot.

I like to use turkey burger, however I have also made this using ground chuck for the meatballs, either option gives the meatballs good flavor.

When you slow cook the soup overnight, this really allows the vegetables to soften.

The flavors in the crock pot, really come to life as it slowly simmers and the you sleep.

I love waking up to a house that has a deep aroma of Italian cooking flavors flowing thru the house.



The final touch is adding the meatballs and mini pasta noodles. I may or may not sneak a meatball or two prior to putting them in the soup.  I really cant help myself, these meatballs are so delicious!!


Blue Dip


This recipe took me years to squeeze out of the original owner.

I had to be sneaky and be “in the kitchen” while the dip was being made you see.


Many years prior to my sneakiness I would eat this dip, analyzing every bite trying to figure out what exactly were the ingredients.

The original creator of the dip, was a family member, who was very good at keeping it to themselves.

However not sneaky enough, because I was able to gain my Blue Dip recipe knowledge, by digging thru the trash, or watching the grocery order prior to the dip being made.

I would even sit in the other room, and when the chef had stepped away, I would very quietly sneak into the kitchen and see what I could see.

It took years but I was able to get every ingredient that was ever used.

Blue dip is packed full of flavor in every bite. There is the richness of the blue cheese, cream cheese and sour cream. While the cottage cheese, and clams add a wonderful texture, so the dip does not slide off the chips.  By adding smoked oysters, this infuses a deep smoky flavor with a hint of the oyster flavor.

To round it off, the onion powder,  Worcestershire sauce and tabasco complete the flavor profile.

It is super hard to stop eating this, you may just find yourself with a bowl of this and a bag of chips, one moment eating it on the couch, the next waking up from a long overdue food coma nap!

Maraschino Cherry Bread



I think  its safe to say, during the week of county fair, my kids know better than to try to text me, call me or come over.

I am somewhat of a mad woman.

The kitchen looks like a tornado hit it, the dogs are grumpy because I forget to feed them.

I am obsessing over baking, and adding the final touches to my canned goods labels and lids.

As well as what is going out in the garden, I am on wind, sun, water, or drought watch, with all my flowers, and vegetable plants.

However the best part is baking, it centers me, and makes me stand in one place until the job is done.

Making this Cherry Bread is one of my favorite things to do.  I have always had a weakness for the smell of Almond Extract.  There is something about this aroma, that calms me, and also makes me very hungry. I cant seem to get enough of this wonderful smell.


Cherry Bread is packed full of flavor in every bite! I luv to take it to county fair and watch the judges as they take a bite.  The look of sheer joy on their faces is priceless.

The Bread is moist, easy to eat, full of flavor and a delightful color on the plate.

Using the glaze adds a nice sweetness and texture to the bread as well.

You can eat this all at once, or keep the leftovers , as this bread will be good day after day.

Apples and Cinnamon Cobbler


Every autumn I can a dozen cinnamon apple jars, using the fresh picked local farmers market apples.

I like to have these on hand for pies, tarts, turnovers and cobblers to use when it is cold and far away from warm and summer outside.

This past week as May was dragging itself into summer and being cold and drizzly outside, I decided to make the Apple and Cinnamon Cobbler.

I still had 2 jars of the apples left in the cold storage pantry, and this was certainly an excellent idea.


The Apple Cinnamon Cobbler came out of the oven baked to perfection.

The filling was bubbling and oozing over the sides of the dish.

A nice golden cobbler crust, with the aroma of cinnamon and sugar filled the house.

After I let the cobbler rest for about 10 mins, we all had our bowls in our hands waiting impatiently for the first scoop!

It was well worth the wait, the apple were soft and the flavor abundant.