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Come with me on my I luv to cook Volume 3 cookbook journey, you will find everything from home cooking to those secret family recipes that no one has ever shared before, to some healthy and fun recipes.

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I am an avid writer that enjoys the cooking experience from planning the meals, to shopping the ingredients, to spending time in the kitchen creating the dish.

Most importantly I luv to eat what I cook, I enjoy the flavors and textures in all foods.

I luv to immerse myself in the smells and aromas that invoke so many memories, isn’t it funny how a chocolate chip cookie can take you back to a long ago memory that fills you with love and comfort!

My go to aroma is that of baking bread, I can close my eyes and see my grandma reaching for that jar of bacon grease as she made the endless dinner rolls for our family supper every Sunday on the farm.

There I sat at the kitchen table, in the tiniest kitchen, watching her work her magic. In between stocking the fire, she would prepare the ham, pot roast, mashed potatoes, green beans, a pot of fresh greens, cornbread, hot rolls, and an apple and fresh fruit pie, any fruit that was in season.

There was a recipe that grandma Myrtle created called ” Graham Gems”, she would make these with bacon grease and a ton of love. Each gem was made a very large muffin that was pulled out f the oven and smothered in more bacon grease and syrup. We would eat these for breakfast.

I sat there at this old table and just watched and soaked in all those smells surrounding me and filling me with love.

I knew once I left the soft warm kitchen, as a young kid I would be thrust into the world of adults, all clambering to get to the table and fill those plates.

The adults were coming in from the either the barn, or the fields, or the wood shed, they too have a certain aroma that I will always cherish.

Please sit back and relax, flip the pages of my cookbook journey and find that aroma that takes you back.

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