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Savory Olive and Onion Quick Bread

I made this bread the other day, because I just needed a winter pause on all the sweets in my life. My goal was to bake something that was savory and had a ton of different flavors, with no sugar. I think I hit the nail on the head here with this one!  The Olive and Onion quick bread has no sugar, and is loaded with flavor and texture in …


You see time flies.

You know the old saying Time flies!  You see I never really believed this before, however now I have proof. I went on a very relaxing vacation, so when I left it was warm and sunny, when I returned the earth had tilted a bit more and fall is upon us all. I woke up one morning at the same time I do each day, however this day was different, …

Change in the air by bear

I knew when I woke up that this day would be different than most. I could smell a change in the winds as it engulfed me during my morning rounds.   The air smelled sweet, almost foreign but oh so familiar. My best friend was still sleeping, she was tired from a long week at her job. I decided to go out into the yard and do my rounds early …

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