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These Long Dogs Days of Summer

I finally figured out what the saying “dogs days of summer” means. It means the dogs are living like royalty! They have a 24/7 fresh water baby pool, nice mowed lawn to lay on, a splash pad on demand, shade from the trees to keep them cool, butterflies and grasshoppers to chase, an air conditioned house for tv time, and extra food at dinner because of all the activity. So …


Southwest Summertime Creamy Corn Dip

Super simple, quick and easy Southwest Summertime Creamy Corn Dip, is a dish you can easily take for a potluck, picnic or impromptu gathering of friends and family. One of my favorite things to do with this dish, is to make a batch for myself, grab a bowl of scoop chips and dive right in.  The Southwest Summertime Creamy Corn Dip is made up of light bright colors very pleasing to …

Grandmas Kitchen

I am an avid writer that enjoys the cooking experience, from planning the meals, to shopping ingredients, to spending time in the kitchen creating the dish. Most importantly I luv to eat what I cook, I enjoy the flavors and textures in all foods. I luv to immerse myself in the smells and aromas that invoke so many memories, isn’t it funny how a chocolate chip cookie can take you …

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