These Long Dogs Days of Summer


I finally figured out what the saying “dogs days of summer” means.

It means the dogs are living like royalty! They have a 24/7 fresh water baby pool, nice mowed lawn to lay on, a splash pad on demand, shade from the trees to keep them cool, butterflies and grasshoppers to chase, an air conditioned house for tv time, and extra food at dinner because of all the activity. So really August is all about the dog!

Starting In August I spend many mornings going out to the garden right before sunrise to hunt the large  bumble bees, you know those large bumblers that are yellow and black, and super cute. I usually will find them sleeping either on the sunflower heads, or on the leaves of the sunflowers.

This year I have only seen Bob and Brenda the bumblers a few times, they appeared in early spring, staying thru May and early June, then off they went.  I’m thinking they may have gone on a bumbler vacation as they did not return again.

I am looking for them, so I can take their annual portrait, I am a collector of sunflower photos, and want to include Bob and Brenda in as many photos as I can get of the two of them enjoying just being a bee!

Today I found many pollinators, and a few bees, however Bob and Brenda must be in another flower patch in the area.

However I did find a few nice sunflowers for my virtual collection, as they don’t require any water, and I can enjoy them all year.

I will keep everyone updated as the summer lingers on, if Bob and Brenda every circle back and get their 2022 portrait taken!

The big news is this weekend I am getting ready to start canning a few things.

Because the Palisade Peaches and green chilis that are now ready in my area, I am going to put up 12 jars of Peach salsa.

Perfect Peach Salsa

While the salsa jars are boiling, I am going to seal-a meal my whole Olathe Sweet Corn.   I was fortunate enough this weekend to attend the Olathe Sweet Corn festival, and I got my hands on about 2 dozen ears of fresh picked corn.

Freezing corn on the cob

Somewhere during all this kitchen canning and freezing I need to find time to mow the lawn, so the dogs can enjoy the fresh cut grass, and I also need to clean the baby pool, so their water is kept crystal clear !

Enjoy these dogs days, as we all know it doesn’t last forever, only in our hearts.


Southwest Summertime Creamy Corn Dip


Super simple, quick and easy Southwest Summertime Creamy Corn Dip, is a dish you can easily take for a potluck, picnic or impromptu gathering of friends and family.

One of my favorite things to do with this dish, is to make a batch for myself, grab a bowl of scoop chips and dive right in.  The Southwest Summertime Creamy Corn Dip is made up of light bright colors very pleasing to look and and spicy, rich  full flavors, very good on the taste buds.

The base of this dip is fresh corn, red peppers, green peppers, green onions, and green chilis.

The first step is to simply chop up the peppers and onions, mix into the corn , add the can of rotele, add a splash of lime juice and a dash of salt, set aside.

While the corn blends in with the peppers and onions, this gives you time to prepare the Mexican mayonnaise, sour cream, cheese, green chilis and chopped cilantro.

When I say prepare, I really mean open the jars, cans and containers, this recipe is really that easy.

The beauty of the recipe is, if you find yourself running late to your event, you can literally make this, while you run back and forth to the bedroom getting dressed at the same time.   A can of corn here, a pair of jeans there ! lol

The final step is to mix the cheese, Mexican mayo (or regular if that is not available), sour cream, and green chilis into the corn mixture.

To top it off add the a generous amount of cilantro on top of the mixture because as you dig in you’ll get a good bit of cilantro and dip all in one bite.

The very best chips to use for this epic adventure in flavor are Frito Scoops, if your super talented you can double scoop, one chip in each hand!

If you like living on the edge add some pickled jalapenos on top, so you get a good taste of flavor and heat in those scoops.

Go for it! Dig in.

Days full of Sunshine and Good Food


The baking extravaganza all started with the announcement that my two daughters were coming over early Sunday morning!

They had a to do list to do with the horses, it was going to be one of those wonderfully long days filled with outside chores , good food, laughter and complete exhaustion at the end of the day.

Because I always have a to-do list that needs some TLC every now and then, I decided to seize the day with this extra help and knock a few items off the list.

In order to do this, I needed incentive for my non-volunteering workers!  I decided that if I baked a few scrumptious items and offered a good hearty breakfast, I mean how could they possible say no!

There’s something about baking and cooking for others, that steps up my game.  Feeding others breaks up the routine of the day to day keep me fed meals, to a meal that I really enjoy.   To a meal that is sweet, and savory and creates memories not only in the planning , but also sitting around the table and enjoying!

I started with a fresh veggie and bacon, egg muffins for each person, served with hot tater tots and avocado aioli.

I also baked blueberry, rosemary and lemon scones, served with hot butter.

After our breakfast we were fully armored to go outside , embrace the day and start making the list a lot shorter.

We came in around noon for a slice of the Zucchini pecan bread, with huckleberry honey, and a hot cup of almond coconut black tea with cream.

Delicious Zucchini Pecan Quick Bread

You see, we are not British, it just tastes so darn good to put cream, or creamer in the black tea. I am now hooked on this wonderful soothing drink. I like it more than coffee some days, sorry coffee you’ve taken a back seat to tea and cream.

A Real Plowsters Breakfast


For Leon,

Have I ever told you about the Plowster family?

Okay here goes, the Plowsters are a family only stories and legends are made of.

They live in a remote home in the mountains somewhere in the middle of somewhere.

Papa Plowster drives a plow truck around, and Mama Plowster cooks, I mean this woman can cook and cook and cook breakfast and only breakfast, from sunrise to sunset, every day of the week.  Mama P makes the biggest breakfasts you can image.

Mama P makes platters of ham, bacon, sausage, French toast, waffles, pancakes, muffins, southern potatoes, toast, hash browns, fried eggs, scrambled eggs, poached eggs, jam, jelly, and syrup.

Along with all this she always makes sure there are pitchers o milk, tomato juice and orange juice on the table.

So the story goes like this, one day after Mama P, Papa P, and all 13 of the young’uns, sat down at the large large breakfast table, and after they gobbled and consumed the delicious Plowster breakfast, Papa P announced he was going out plowing for the day, and needed some help.

As was always the case, all 10 children, beside the babies they did not go on these adventures, because who wants to watch a baby all day, piled into the back of the plow truck, you know to give it good traction on those back tires with the weight, or so they were told.

Papa P started up the big big hill, you see because their house was at the very bottom of the big big hill , this hill made the best sledding you could image, because where the Plowsters lived it was always winter and snowing.

As Papa P chugged the plow truck up the big big hill, as he barely made it to the top, giving that old Ford petal to the medal and he could muster, the plow blade hit upon something in the road.

Papa P and all the young’uns piled out of the truck to see what they could see, and low and behold they saw something!

Right there in the middle of the road was a large rock, a rock that had not been there the day before the day before the day.  Or had it?   Papa P scratched his head trying to recollect if this rock was really there today as it presented itself, and if it was even there before this day.

As the young’uns strained and scratched trying to get the rock to budge, and move so they could plow on thier merry way, Papa P had a better idea.  Papa P got back into the old Ford, yelled out the window “watch out young’uns!!Git on outta the  way now”.   Papa P put that plow blade up, put the pedal to the metal, floored the good old Ford and as he hit that rock head on he had a moment of wondering if this was such a good idea after all.

Well it worked the rock budged, I mean it moved a good foot outta the way, and as the old Ford came to a complete stop, there where the rock was, was a large hole.  Now you see this was not just a hole in the road, I mean this was a real deep hole,  The young’uns got on their hands and knees and all peered into the hole.

You want to know what they saw?

Well as they looked into the dark hole, a small glimmer of light started to appear, you know that yellow light that only the sun can give you, that was it, a small crack of yellow started to appear.

The young’uns decided to put the youngest young’un down into the hole head first by holding onto his legs and slowly lowering him into the hole head first.  As the youngest young’un was in the hole, you suddenly heard ” oh my gawsh, I see! I see!”.  Quickly he was raised up back to daylight, set upon the ground.  The young’uns gathered around him and said “well what, what did you see?”.   As the youngest young’un was in his fifth year of life, you can imagine his descriptive language skills were a bit lacking, however at this one moment, he said ” a gold chest, I see!”

Papa P and all the young’uns stood there scratching all the heads at once, digesting this information, and just at that moment, Mama P was heard ringing the breakfast for dinner bell!


To be continued……….



Eggplant Wrap with Tahini


One of my favorite dishes is eggplant wrap with tahini with fresh vegetables and fruits.

Eggplant Wrap with Tahini

You will need a garden variety of fresh fruits and vegetables for this dish, starting with an eggplant, adding in grape tomatoes, cucumber, kiwi, garlic, red onions, sunflower seeds and tahini for the sauce.

Because I am a vegetable snob and don’t like the skin that this lovely produce comes with, peel absolutely everything you can, peel the eggplant, cucumber, and garlic clove and onion of course.

Once peeled chop the produce into bite sized pieces, add the eggplant, onions and garlic to the fry pan with a little hot olive oil and cook for about 5-7 mins, until the eggplant is nice and transparent and cooked thru.

Set aside the cucumber, tomatoes, cilantro, and sunflower seeds, this is your topping once the eggplant mixture is ready .


Lets take a moment here to talk about tahini.  This is basically a sesame seed paste as Tahini is a Middle Eastern condiment made from toasted ground hulled sesame

Tahini is an acquired taste, a healthy alternative to higher fats sauces, as this is low in fats and sodium, one of my favorites.  However the first time I tried it, as I was looking for an alternate sauce and flavor to cook with, lets just say I may have crinkled my nose.

However it has really grown on me, and now I just cant get enough of it, I luv to put it on my cooked vegetables, on toast in lieu of peanut butter, and on rice, for most of my veggie and rice meals.

Once the eggplant, onions and garlic are cooked, lay them on a wheat tortilla, with all the other fresh fruits and vegetables.

Sprinkle the sunflower seeds on top, and drizzle on the Tahini, you can use as much as you like, the sauce is absorbed by the vegetables, and really adds to the flavor.

Fold your tortilla up like an open top burrito, and get ready to take a nice big bite.  The freshness in that first bite will keep you coming back for more!

Eggplant Wrap with Tahini


Another great way to serve this is in a pita pocket with cilantro on top!

There are many different variations you can try, by adding in green or black olives, pine nuts, humus, parsley sauce so on and so forth! See where you can take this and let me know !




The Absolute Very Best Dog Cookies


The Absolute Very Best Dog Cookies are made with all natural ingredients for even the pickiest dog.

I started making the natural dog cookies, I soon realized that I was spending so much time and money on trying to make my dog “Hoss’ happy by endlessly shopping for the best cookie for him.

You see Hoss, is really very picky because he was very sick once and I had to sit on the kitchen floor with him and feed him boiled chicken and rice.  Thank goodness  he is back to his wonderful mischievous self!


Now he thinks when I try to feed him different things that it is medicine so he turns up his nose.

These all natural cookies Hoss loves, he will always eat them every single batch I make.

I use wheat flour, 1 egg, applesauce, chicken or beef broth, natural peanut butter, and a table spoon of pumpkin.

The best part is I can whip up a batch in the afternoon and have them for the next day.

All the baking makes the house smell so wonderful with those rich deep flavors of these cookies.



I like to make the cookies in many different sizes and shapes, there are very small dog bones up to the giant dog bone cookie size!

Hoss only gets 1 or 2 of the giant cookies, he is watching his weight you know.

Come along with me and take my dog cookie journey with me for Hoss. I am always trying new recipes, and sizes and shapes for the cookies.

You may order cookies in a batch of 50! I also do custom orders, just send me an email or message me on my Facebook page at Long Ears Colorado Farm, and I will make, bake and ship to your furry friend!

Cookies are $15.00  for 3 dozen, and I will throw in free shipping!







Delicious Carrot and Cinnamon Quick Bread


I always luv to bake, and because of this, I am always thinking about baking.

On snowy , cloudy grey days, I go thru my recipe collection and see what recipe inspires my creative baking taste buds.

Todays mission was to bake a recipe that I hadn’t tried in the last 6 months!  My mind immediately went to Carrot Cake, one reason is, I always considered Carrot Bread healthy, due to the carrots of course.  I just knew that if I bake this, I also have to eat this bread, every last crumb. ( oh darn)

I turn on the music, put the apron on, and prepare to make a big mess in the kitchen while I create!  You see a little flour everywhere just doesn’t bother me, it gives me great satisfaction to know that I was so involved in the creating and baking process that I didn’t care about some flour on the counter and floor.  I certainly can clean it up when I’m done.

I gather all the ingredients and begin my journey into Delicious Carrot and Cinnamon Quick Bread



There’s something about grating carrots that’s very satisfying, how you go from having this whole vegetable in our hand to these wonderfully shredded pieces of the same vegetable, and the aroma of  grated carrots is so pleasing.

This recipe is super simple, all you need is a good whisk to blend the ingredients, this is great for two reason, you don’t need to get the mixer uncovered and make sure the correct beater arm is in place.  Also when using a hand whisk, you avoid the pitfalls of electric mixing that tend to cause a tough dryer bread, when left on too long.  Perhaps because you got distracted and walked away to maybe switch out the laundry load or something, ( not that I’ve ever done that).

A few simple spices make this recipe so easy, also the addition of the baking powder and baking soda are good leavening agents, they add a fool proof way to get a good light airy texture to the bread.

The cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and vanilla add a nice earthly light flavor to the bread, along with a pinch of salt for good luck!    With just the right balance of sugar, you wont get overwhelmed with super over the top sweet bread, the carrot bread has a more down to earth flavor with just the right amount of sweetness.


Once the flour is added into the wet ingredients you are ready to bake!

Because you are using parchment paper to line your pan, you’ll be able to cool your bread quickly, so all that yummy cinnamon cream cheese frosting can be layered on ( if you chose to frost this bread).

I have learned over the years that my oven likes to take its time baking quick breads.  Once I reach the suggested time for baking, I gradually increase the baking time by 5-7 minutes, until the toothpick comes out clean and the bread bounces back when I poke it with my finger.   You will find that you may or may not need to increase the times on your bakes, as all ovens vary slightly.

Delicious Carrot and Cinnamon Quick Bread

I opted not to frost this loaf, trying to watch my calories you know! Instead I added some whipped powdered sugar and milk on top of the break while it was still hot, so that could soak in.

Loaded Tomato soup with Meatballs


Because I just canned a large batch of my Italian soup base base from the bushels of tomatoes and onions I was blessed with this year out of the garden, I immediately start to crave Loaded Tomato soup with Meatballs

Talk about hearty! this soup has it all.

The Italian soup base  comes with all the ingredients you need to start this soup off on the right foot.  Which is basically tomatoes pureed (crushed), roasted tomatoes, and green peppers, cooked along with sliced onions, garlic, oregano, basil, rosemary, thyme, garlic powder, onion powder, and a bay leaf. I also add in 1 cans of tomato sauce, 1 can of tomato soup and tomato paste, water bath can at least 6 quarts jars, and you will have an ample supply to get you thru the winter months.

If you do not have the Italian soup base already canned, the slow cook process starts with the onions, garlic ,and green peppers all lightly sautéed in a fry pan on the stove, add this mixture to the crock pot to start.

I add add skinned roasted tomatoes, this really kicks up the flavor and I top it all off with Italian herb blend of oregano, basil, rosemary, thyme, bay leaf, garlic powder and onion powder.

After this has simmered for 2 hrs in the crock pot,  I add 2 cans of Italian tomato paste to add a final punch of depth and flavor.

I like to make my mini Chicken Rosemary and Garlic Meatballs, cooking them on each side, add them and a can of light red kidney beans, fresh chopped kale, (arugula if you can find it at the store)  to the soup.

Grab a loaf of garlic bread, put on your slippers and go settle in for a movie and a hot bowl of hearty soup.

Lets hope the weather continues to stay cold, I am so close to devouring my soup!

Cowboy potatoes with Sausage and Eggs



One of my favorite foodies sent me this quick, easy and delicious breakfast for dinner recipe.

For this dish,  Cowboy potatoes with Sausage and Eggs, you will need southwest hash browns, yellow onion, polska kielbasa sausage, and Perfect Peach Salsa  or( any sweet salsa will do).

This dish was named after a very hungry attitude one night after working a very long tiring day.

Once the refrigerator door was opened, a blank stare too ahold, when this passed she saw a package of kielbasa, a few farm fresh eggs, and cheese.

After rummaging thru the freezer to find another ingredient to add to this dish, to make it hearty, and also fulfilling, a bag of southern hash browns was just waiting there for the chef to create with. You know the hash browns that are those cute little cutup potato pieces, you can even use the ones that come with the added green peppers and onions.

The southern style hash browns are quickly put into a pan with a little oil, brought up to temperature for that mouth watering sizzle to take hold of the senses.

However have you ever noticed, when your that hungry after a long tiring day, anything on the stove seems to take days to cook!

While the hash browns were cooking, the kielbasa was cut up into nice bite sized pieces, a small onion was sliced up, and both were put into a frying pan with some butter to cook until golden, and the sausage nice and sizzled.

Once the hash browns were crispy to perfection, the sausage and onions were added in, mixing well for all the flavors to blend in.

Finally salt and pepper to taste,  try adding in your favorite seasoning blend, such as a hot and spicy mix, or an herb blend, whatever your taste buds desire.

In the same pan the onions and sausage were cooked, cook the eggs. If you like runny fried eggs, this is the perfect addition to the dish.  However I am a fan of scrambled eggs, so scrambled it is for me, when I make this dish.

Place the potatoes, sausage, and onions onto your plate add the eggs, and if you really want to take this to the next level add delicious wonderful cheese, I mean you cant go wrong with adding in cheese!

Place the eggs on top of the cheese, and you can spoon salsa on top of it all.

Salsa adds a nice deep flavor, and a little heat.  I like to use a peach, or apricot salsa, they both add a sweetness with the heat and added flavor.

Perfect Peach Salsa


See what variations you can come up with, perhaps add sliced avocado, or Salsa Verde.  

Sprinkle smoked paprika on top of the eggs for added flavor.