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Most mornings there is a ritual that I do, the moment I wake up and the eyes are open and the brain starts to work, I begin thinking of breakfast.

You see breakfast is my most favorite meal of the day. I find it to be totally nourishing and satisfying and can set me and my hunger off on the right foot for whatever lies ahead in my day.

I begin thinking about the eggs, and the potatoes, I will have, or maybe its oatmeal with fresh fruit, or even a scramble and kale sandwich! Hmmmm I ponder what do I feel like.

Today I decided to treat myself to the scrambled egg , kale sandwich, it is hearty and wholesome.


Sourdough toast is the perfect companion to hold the piled high eggs and kale goodness.

A little hot sauce and I am good to go.  When I cut the sandwich in half, I luv the sound of the toast as it is crisp and buttery.


The knife slides right thru the scrambled eggs and kale, I mean at this point my mouth is watering and my tummy is grumbling, I must start eating this right now.!


Buttery rich eggs cooked to perfection starts my day on the right foot, I can grab this sandwich and take it with me, or sit at the table and stare out at the mountains and daydream.


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