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Wild Rice Mushroom Soup from the North Country

Have you ever been to the Northern country?   I mean like Minnesota and Wisconsin! Once you arrive, immediately make your way to a roadside café, and order wild rice mushroom soup. this dish is truly life changing. You see I am originally from Minnesota, born and raised there until I was 5.  with dad growing up on a Wisconsin farm, and mom growing up in the city,  of course it …


Healthy, Hearty, ready set go Breakfast Burrito

As life would have it, there are many times I am extremely spontaneous. This live by the seat of my pants attitude comes with the need to give myself a hearty, healthy breakfast to literally run out the door with. I wanted to share with you my quick, and easy breakfast burrito recipe, so you too are prepared on your spontaneous adventures. Before I share this recipe, I wanted to …

Happy New Merry Thanksmas Festivus

Everyone at Long Ears Farm, would like to send greetings of comfort and joy this holiday season to all of you! Greetings from Annie and Penny and Maverick and Clover Jake, Hoss, and Boomer, Holly, Mac, and Chianna, and Calico, and  Jaja, Spice, and many feather friends. Dandelion! the bunny too.   Annie and Penny wanted to share a few of our most favorite Christmas Cookie Recipes with you, so …

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