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Garden Pickins

Every morning my ritual is to go directly to the garden, coffee cup in hand. When I got out there this morning my intention was to start picking as many peppers as I could find, and boy did I find alot! I was able to pick enough peppers, and green tomatoes and combine them with what I had from my earlier garden pick this week with the onions to make …


All Hail Francis!

We lost a dear friend on Aug 09 2021, who was from a different time and place for all three of us. Francis, (frannie) our beloved cat of 22 years!  My daughter was 9 when my daughter adopted her as a kitten, or as we say, Francis adopted us. We first met Frannie when we took pottery lessons from a very sweet old lady, who must have had 30 cats …

Award Winning Italian Cream Cheese Cake

I wanted to get my baking game on for the county fair this year, so I chose the Italian Cream Cheese cake for the challenge. The Italian Cream Cheese cake is a moist, sweet, flavorful and super delicious cake with layers of coconut, pecans and delicious cream cheese and butter frosting. My entry into the county fair was not originally the Italian Cream Cheese cake, it was a lemonade cake.  …

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